Joy Miller & Associates is a premier private practice with a "Proven Tradition of Excellence in Counseling and Wellness" serving the Peoria area for over 40 years.

With 40 years of experience, the practice has a reputation for personalized expertise in all areas of professional counseling and personal wellness. Our experienced and licensed staff is committed to providing confidential, individualized, and specialized counseling services to our clients using proven strategies and techniques that enhance your daily life.

Borne out of a tradition of excellence, our approach at Joy Miller & Associates is all about engagement and creating positive change for our clients. Our effectiveness in facilitating change is illustrated, in part, by our success rate. 83% of our clients show improvement in as little as six sessions. These remarkable statistics surpass the national average for treatment outcomes for professional counseling. Our clinical expertise is unparalleled, and our client satisfaction rates have reached the 98th percentile. Clearly, our statistics prove that Joy Miller & Associates is Peoria's premier counseling practice.

The Joy Miller & Associates Wellness Tree. We provide the following services:

Joy Miller & Associates - Proven Tradition of Excellence in Counseling and Wellness

Our number one referral source are our clients

Our statistics show that 83% of all clients reduce symptoms in just 4-6 sessions

Our client satisfaction rate is 98%