Reviews & Testimonials about Joy Miller & Associates

AGE: 55 Concern: anxiety and depression

"My therapist was extremely effective in helping me work through my challenges and gave me the support and tools to heal - emotionally, psychologically, and physically - and move forward in a healthy and productive manner."

AGE: 28 Concern: Stress

"My counselor was warm and inviting, easy to talk to, and a good match for my counseling."

AGE: 51 Concern: relationship with husband and children/divorce

"My sessions with my counselor have changed my life in a very positive manner. I will be forever grateful to her for her kind care. I feel the entire staff treated me and all clients with respect and empathy."

AGE: 34 Concern: marital concerns, anxiety, and depression

"Excellent service, convenient appointment times, and insurance accepted."

AGE: 33 Concern: Marriage

"My counselor was awesome. She was able to help me see more of why my husband is the way he is, and she helped him realize that he needed to step up more and be much more involved."

AGE: 30 Concern: Mending relationship with wife

"I am very thankful for my experience. My counselor was an excellent listener and gives terrific assistance & guidance. I do feel confident that she has helped me in many ways."

AGE: 33 Concern: marriage

"My therapist was excellent! I have recommended him to my friends and I know of two others who have become his clients. Excellent practice."

AGE: 46 Concern: depression

"This is a comfortable place for therapy!!! Just making the appointment is difficult but they made it very easy."

AGE: 60 Concern: depression and anxiety

"Without being overdramatic and without exaggeration, my counselor saved my life. I had become suicidal. My husband made the appointment and forced me to go. The appointment was made for the day after he called. Thank you for helping give my life back."

AGE: 40 Concern: work, stress, family matters

"My counselor was a big help. I enjoyed my sessions with her. I will return if needed. I have already referred friends to Joy Miller & Associates."

Age 49 Concern: Coping skills with separation

"The therapist was wonderful. She went above and beyond expectations and duties. We could tell she really took interest and cared for us."

AGE: 60 Concern: finding solutions and resolutions

"I am extremely happy and feel much better when I see my counselor. She's understanding and gets to the issue. She's got a gift!"

AGE: 46 Concern: marriage

"My therapist was wonderful and thoughtful with her advice. I appreciated her candid assessments and the tools she gave us to have a better relationship."

AGE:33 Concern: How to find happiness for myself.

"I loved my counselor. She was easy to talk to and very helpful help me with my problems. I would go back to her in a heartbeat!"

AGE: 38 Concern: Marital issues

"This was my first experience with counseling and my therapist was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me through an extremely difficult situation and I am grateful I came in to see her."

AGE: 67 Concern: Depression, Anxiety

"Very pleasurable experience. Left feeling so much better than when I came in."

AGE: 38 Concern: Anxiety, Depression

"Can't say "thank you" enough. Your staff is great and very helpful. My therapist is very special to me easy. She is easy to talk to and always good at listening. I've been doing very well and would/will recommend Joy Miller and Associates."

AGE: 32 Concern: Alcohol, Relationships

"You saved my life. I found myself and felt safe to address my addiction. I saved my relationship in the process. "

AGE 42: Concern: Coaching, job stress

"I've been to therapy for life coaching before but this was different. I am a goal- oriented person and my therapist worked with me aggressively to meet my goals. Homework, reading assignments, trials of behavior modification were all used to rapidly answer two questions. Mission Accomplished. I am exceptionally grateful for your guidance."

AGE: 61 Concern: PTSD and Anxiety

"Very helpful. I read books that were suggested and did exercises that were given. Told a few friends at work they would benefit from your services."

AGE: 32 Concern: Trauma history & anxiety

"I am incredibly happy with my experience. My therapist helped me an enormous amount. I have already referred others to her."

AGE: 59 Concern: Anger

"My visits with my therapist were easy, like talking to a best friend. She gave me lots of suggestions and build up my self-esteem, Yea!!!"

AGE 38: Concern: Family issues, children

"This is the second therapist my daughter has seen. The first did not help. With the therapist from Joy Miller & Associates' help, my daughter is doing great. I have and will continue to refer people to this practice.

AGE: 21 Concern: Relationships & esteem

"I'm usually a brutally honest person and would tell someone if I was unsatisfied with something. But my therapist did an outstanding job helping me. I never expected to progress as much as I have with his help. I would recommend him and Joy Miller and Associates to anyone going through problems similar to mine."

AGE: 66 Concern: Marriage counseling/ Depression

"It was an enjoyable as well as enlighten and enriching."

AGE: 32 Concern: Stress management

"I feel my therapist was very helpful. I stopped making appointments because I felt I was doing well. If I want to return, I will definitely be calling."

AGE: 23 Concern: Anxiety

"I always enjoyed seeing my therapist. She taught me many things that I utilize to this day. She gave me skills that allow me to cope and analyze daily sources of stress in a different manner then previously. All in all my over all experience with Joy Miller and Associates were wonderful. Every employee I met at the office was always very helpful and personable."

AGE: 18 Concern: Anger, Depression, bad grades, lack of respect

"Very helpful, I will come again if problems occurs. Thank you for putting me on my feet!"